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You are an individual with specific areas of concern which may be troubling your life. Because you are an individual your counselor would like to help you address specific areas of concern and to accomplish this goal assessments are used as ‘tools’ to help screen or identify these areas of concern.  Assessments are not the same tests you took in school; there is no passing or failing.  For the assessments to be of the most value (and for treatment to be of the most value) it is strongly recommended that you be as honest as possible.   Assessments used here at A Prodigal’s Path 2 Recovery, LLC include:

(MAST) Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
(DAST) Drug Abuse Screening Test
(AUDIT) Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
(DUDIT) Drug Use Disorders Identification Test
(MHSF-III) Mental Health Screening Form-III
Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
(CAGE) Cut down, Annoyed, Guilty, and Eye-opener
(SASSI-4) Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory

No, you will probably not be given all these assessments.  They are listed simply as ‘tools’ we have chosen for use in our ‘assessment toolbox’ at this time.


After completing your assessments and you have made the decision to enter treatment at A Prodigal’s Path 2 Recovery, LLC you will begin the Intake process.  It is basically an Admissions and Orientation process where you will fill out and sign required paperwork. You will have a clear understanding of what services we offer and what our expectations are of you.  You will be provided a schedule with days and times of group sessions.  You will be informed of your rights and responsibilities as a client as well as fees for specific services performed.  After your assessments are completed and reviewed we will work with you to formulate and present a treatment plan we believe will be most effective for your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health and well-being, as well as assist you in the recovery process.