Anger Management and/or Domestic Violence

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Program Expectations and Requirements:
Clients are expected to attend (8), (16), or (26) weeks of class as prescribed by the court.
Clients are to be in compliance with all program rules as outlined and attested to by signature during the assessment and orientation process as well as any additional court stipulations.

Our Goal

The goal of this Intervention Program is to Stop the Violence!
Identify goals to reach a non-violent lifestyle.
Teach alternatives to violence
Hold clients accountable for their violent behavior
Identify what behaviors are abusive and what each member’s pattern of abuse has been
Explore the intents of behavior and the belief system that supports those behaviors
Identify and practice non-abusive behaviors
-Identify the function and extent of member’s minimizing, denying or blaming
-To the extent possible, protect women victims and children by working closely with shelters and law enforcement personnel/agencies
-Fully explore the impact of violent and abusive behavior on partners, children, and group members
-Understand the connection of painful and negative feelings to beliefs about women and men’s roles
-Provide support for clients during their transition from perpetrators to healthy partners
-Provide aftercare to all graduates of the program

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