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What our clients have done in the past is not nearly as important as what they choose to do with the present opportunity.  Freedom of choice must and will be respected.  However, it is our goal to help the client help themselves to a healthier, more productive and more fulfilling life than the painful existence and accompanying consequences of continued abuse and active addiction.  Our program stands firmly dedicated in helping our clients turn the tide of abuse and addiction before it is too late.  Healing with honor lies at the foundation of our program’s philosophy, goal and mission.

A Prodigal’s Path 2 Recovery, Inc. is committed to providing professional, confidential, ethical, and client centered services to all clients participating in our education programs.  Education offered with integrity, dignity, and respect for the client is the very core of our philosophy.  The offer of opportunity for healing and hope – regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, financial status, or age is of utmost importance in the day-to-day operation of our program.  It is our goal to foster a therapeutic environment where hope and healing can become a reality in the lives of our clients through education, leadership, and the grace and power of Almighty God.

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charles stallings

Charles Stallings

Charles Stallings has spent the majority of his life in the military and has retained many of its values, customs and traditions.   He is a proud veteran of the Department of the Navy - United States Marine Corps.  During his military service he did not respond well to some of life's happenings and unfortunately searched for answers and relief through alcohol.  He is the first to admit that his drinking problem was 100% his responsibility.  He states it was through 'hitting his bottom,' realizing life is not fair, running out of excuses, and finally allowing himself to be loved by some very wonderful and patient family, friends, and most of all by his Loving God and Creator he was able to slowly begin the process of distancing and healing himself from active addiction - a day at a time!  He will be the first to tell you that he is Not Cured; perhaps that is why he carries not one - but two white AA chips in his pocket everyday!  One to remind himself that today is the only day that ultimately matters; today he is making a decision not to drink and face the challenges of life - sober. The second white chip is carried in case he meets someone along life's path today that just might want to begin their journey of recovery.

Although he is not prone to talk about himself; some of his notable accomplishments include a Bachelor's degree from Atlantic Christian College; Master's degree from Phillips University; and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) from Vanderbilt University. Additionally, he is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor II, National Certified Addiction Counselor I, Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional, Certified DUI School Instructor (Prime For Life).


Patti Luttrell

Office Manager

Patti has been married to her Vietnam veteran husband for 23 years.

She worked with homeless veterans with mental health and substance abuse issues for 6 years.

She is very committed to helping people with addiction problems as she has a family member who is suffering from this disease.