Healing With Honor


Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

Every Friday night: NA meeting at 7 pm.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Every Monday Night: AA Meeting at 7 pm.

Address: 107 Paint Rock Ferry Rd. Kingston Tn 37763




is a progressive & often fatal illness.

"If you want to continue using drugs and/or drinking - that's your business

If you want to stop - that's our business..."


An Invitation

If you're reading this you have perhaps reluctantly come to a point in your life where alcohol and/or drug use has become a problem to the point where your use has attracted the attention of others. (home, work, relationships, school, legal, finances, health)  What do you see in the mirror these days?  Do you recognize that person anymore?  Can you remember the last time you were at peace with yourself?  Has a life of dignity, honor, integrity, and self-respect been replaced with an existence largely characterized by shame, guilt, lies, fear, paranoia, hopelessness, and self-hatred?

     Whatever happened to the 'good old days' when drinking or using was fun?  Can you remember when it was a way to meet new people, maybe fit into a group, experiment with something new and exciting, and everyone went home safe and happy?  But for some they didn't want the party to stop.  For some the laughter, 'friends,' and good times, began to fade away and we began to miss school/work, started showing up late or calling in 'sick,' and those 'friends' began to distance themselves from us.  Whether we realized it or not, we started becoming very experienced at making excuses and our drinking and/or using and irresponsible behavior was always someone else's fault.  Many of us wanted the world to just leave us alone.

     Wow - what happened?  It sure didn't start this way did it?  This wasn't what we had in mind way back when we started!  Perhaps somewhere along the way something inside us changed.  Maybe, just maybe we crossed a thin line from wanting to drink and/or use to having to drink and/or use just to maintain, just to get by another day.  When this happens we have contracted the disease of Addiction - perhaps the worst disease ever known to mankind.

     What can we do when we've reached this point?  Many will try to control their drinking and/or using.  For many something will happen and they will swear, promise, or vow to never drink or use again.   Many will try to dig deep within themselves to muster all the willpower possible to quit; but only betray their promise and they will feel weak and a failure and they often fall into depression and isolate themselves from those who love them dearly.  That drink or drug which we placed our faith in to be our miracle Deliverer from life's problems, our closest friend, our constant companion has betrayed us and left us nothing but an empty shadow of our former self.  Peace of mind, ambition, and even sanity has been replaced by a lonely and distorted view of reality.   And from time to time we desperately wish we could get off that Long Black Train leading to nowhere but despair, selfishness, and self-destruction. But the train won't slow down and let us off...will it?

If you're reading this I extend to you an invitation to contact us and let's have a friendly and honest conversation about your dreams, your values, and your life.  I have Very Good News for You - life can get better; much better!  Let me introduce you to some very good people who know firsthand what you are going through - because they have been there themselves.  As a military man I know the importance and Power of Teamwork.  You don't have to remain in prison, in bondage to active addiction if you choose not to!  Give yourself a Chance at Freedom! As a friend of mine used to say: "Let's talk about it."             If not now - When?